Team Heads Up Pros

Take a few minutes to meet our elite team of featured pros.


West Bloomfield, MI, United States

Eric Stocz has become a true tournament beast after a 5 year NFL career!  His current best live tournament cash was for just over $117,000 which he received when taking down an HPT Main Event in early 2010.  Since then, he has made numerous deep runs in a ton of other prestigious tournaments; including a nice finish in the 2011 WSOP Main Event.


St. Louis, MO, United States

Patrick Ray is a professional poker player from St.Louis, MO who started playing in 2007, a little after the "poker boom".  He frequents many of the local casinos in STL, but also travels often to play WSOP, HPT, and WPT events.  Since August 2013, Patrick has been working with two notable poker players - Faraz Jaka and Michael Gagliano.  He continues to take his game to the highest levels.  


Las Vegas, NV, United States

James Placek is a professional poker player and cash game specialist from Las Vegas, NV.  James started playing poker as a youngster and can be seen frequenting many of the Vegas cash games.  His favorite games are NLHE and PLO.  He plays various stakes up to 5/10 and sometimes even larger.  Keep an eye out for Mr. Vegas Kash at the WSOP.  He's the guy you don't want to be in a big pot with!


Las Vegas, NV, United States

Steve Burns is a professional poker player from Sin City.  It's safe to say that this guy is a certified killer.  He plays a good mixture of cash games and tournaments.  Watch for him to make a big cash in the coming year!


Simi Valley, CA, United States

Corey Emery is the real deal.  His current best live tournament cash was for just over $255,000 which he received when finishing 33rd in the 2010 WSOP Main Event!  Since then, Corey has several other great runs in WSOP events.  He has a tournament strategy that many of us would like to figure out.


Las Vegas, NV, United States

Jason DeYoung is a professional poker player originally from New York, but now resides in Las Vegas.  Jason doesn't really mess around in too many tournaments; instead he focuses a majority of his time chopping up the cash games.  Keep an eye out for him next time you go to Vegas!

Charles Mendoza

California, United States

Charles Mendoza is a professional poker player and applied mathematician from Sacramento, CA.  He focuses on Game Theory, Statistics and Combinatorics and their applications in poker.  Along the tournament trail, he is consistently promoting his philosophy on the game..."We are in charge of our decisions.  if we want to retain success in poker we need to create a positive environment, free from negativity to grow the game for others to find beauty in our passion."

Gilbert Thurston

Pennsylvania, United States

Gilbert Thurston (@YourPokerPastor) is an online tournament specialist from Harrisburg, PA playing under the screen name PGT4JC.  Since 2012, he has been consistently ranked one of the top MTT players in the world.  2015, was especially a breakout year with over $175,000 in cashes. Most amazingly this is not his full-time occupation, being a pastor of a church is. This limits a bit that amount of poker travelling he does but watch for him in Atlantic City and Vegas during big tournament series.

Travis Northrope

Colorado, United States